DETROIT (Talk Radio 1270) Four women have filed lawsuits against U.S. border agents for sexual assault. They each claim border agents pulled them over at the crossing between Detroit and Windsor, had them undress to various degrees — and  touched them. Attorney Thomas Wienner represents the women and broke down the case to Charlie Langton on his 1270 Talk Radio morning show.

According to Wienner, each woman has a similar story to tell about being violated by agents at the Detroit-Windsor border. One woman had been shopping and the others had various other reasons for crossing the border. Each woman was pulled over for a secondary inspection where they could have expected a normal pat down if there was any suspicion of illegal contraband. However, the inspection for each of these women went beyond a pat down. They were groped, Wienner said, and touched in inappropriate places.

The agents in question were female and in one case, Wienner said, agents forced a woman to strip all the way down to her bra and leggings.

Can you refuse a strip search? Wienner says no! Is there anything you can do?

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