DETROIT (CBS 62) Here is a “top list” that Detroit does not want to be on.

Orkin, a pest control company, recently released a list of the top 50 cities based on the number of bedbug treatments it did in 2011.

Homes and businesses in the Motor City needed the company’s services so much last year it came in third for the most incidents.

Cincinnati had the highest number, followed by Chicago.  Surprisingly, New York fell a couple spots from 2010, down to ninth place.  Grand Rapids ranked 39th.

Here is the Top 15:

  1. Cincinnati
  2. Chicago
  3. Detroit
  4. Denver
  5. Los Angeles
  6. Columbus, Oh.
  7. Dallas/Fort Worth, Tx.
  8. Washington, D.C.
  9. New York
  10. Richmond/Petersburg, Va.
  11. Houston
  12. San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, Ca.
  13. Cleveland/Akron/Canton, Oh.
  14. Boston
  15. Dayton, Oh.

So, what’s causing this? “The changes in some cities’ rankings show bed bugs continue to be a problem in most areas of the U.S.,” said Orkin entomologist and Technical Services Director Ron Harrison, Ph.D, in a press release.

“Several of the top 50 cities have large, busy airports, and there could be a correlation between increased travel and bed bug activity. The changes could also be because the bed bug population is increasing overall, or even because the public is becoming more aware of bed bugs and has become better adept at identifying them.”

If you’re traveling, Orkin has tips to avoid bringing home some bedbugs. Click here to view (.pdf format)

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  1. Chore Boy says:

    Mops, pails, sponges, brooms, scrub brushes, disinfectants, Top Job, Mr. Clean, detergents, vacuums are a few of the utensils. But hard work, elbow grease and a routine of repeating the cleaning process week after week will restore a healthy living condition. Rebuilding Detroit has to include a habit of SUSTAINED MAINTENANCE.

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