There are certain things in the NCAA tournament that you can count on.

“One Shining Moment” will always be played after a champion is crowned; and the debates will ensue afterward about whether the song is great or awful. I’m going with great! Of course you will also see the Christian Laettner shot against Kentucky in 1992 about 100 times. You will see Thomas Hill put his hands on his head in disbelief after said shot. About 700 times you will see Jimmy Valvano searching for someone to hug after NC State won it all in 1983. You will also see about 1,000 commercials for the Masters — We get it, it’s a “tradition unlike any other.”

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Oh yes, let’s not forget about Mateen Cleaves’ goofy dance after MSU beat Florida in 2000 to win the National Title. And, then there was the Bryce Drew shot to upset Ole Miss in the first round in 1998.

I think I actually like the moments of Big Dance history maybe more than some of the games. I wait for it every year. And, it always makes my March.

But I feel like I am missing a tournament tradition … Huh, what can it be?

I got it!

I guarantee you will see the aunt of MSU star senior Draymond Green during the game when the Spartans take on Louisville later tonight. Now seeing Alycia Giles, who played basketball in East Lansing, is nowhere near as traditional as some of the bigger moments that I have listed above. However it is something that you can always count on when Michigan State plays hoops, especially in March. I would assume Giles will be seen at least 25 times in the game against the Cardinals, and Rick Pitino and his beautiful suits will take up the rest of the time when there are moments away from the game.

So I started thinking…

I have been watching sports forever! And, through the course of my life there have always been spectators who have gotten more TV time than some of the players, coaches and even the broadcasters.

So below I have decided to list my all-time spectator time on TV list. People who are somehow related to a player and the cameras never let you forget it. Let’s call it “The All Draymond Green List.”

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4. Laura Quinn

Who could forget the 2006 Fiesta Bowl between Ohio State and Notre Dame? In case you did, let me refresh your memory. Brady Quinn was the quarterback for the Irish while A.J. Hawk was playing linebacker for the Buckeyes. What definitely was not lost in the game was the fact that Brady’s sister was dating Hawk and eventually ended up marrying him. Laura, on that vivid night was wearing a half OSU and half ND jersey which she obviously had custom made. The crazy thing about that game is that I cannot tell you who won it, but I can tell you in great detail what that Laura Quinn jersey looked like. Hell, I can tell you in great detail what she looked like as well.

The cameras loved Laura that night, but the rest of the viewing audience I would assume ended up hating her.

3.Minka Kelly-Cameron Diaz

I am going to be honest! I have no clue if Derrick Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are still dating Minka Kelly and Cameron Diaz. I don’t think they are, because those guys go through hot women like I eat burritos. But it doesn’t matter.
Who could forget both those lovely ladies being shown over and over again when the Yankees won the World Series in 2009? I loved the stories of Kelly claiming Jeter would retire after the Yanks won it all. Yeah that worked out! How can such a hot chick be so gullible?
And, let’s not forget A-Rod…
He was dating Madonna, Diaz, and every other sexy vixen in the New York area — or the world for that matter. Both A-Rod and Jeter, even though they apparently hate each other were getting it done as far as the ladies are concerned and the TV cameras ate it up.
Now it might sound like I am complaining, but I’m really not. I would rather see Diaz and Kelly any day hanging in the stands at Yankee stadium than the former mayor Rudy Giuliani, like we saw all through the early 2000’s. Did you know Rudy was a Yankee fan? Of course you did! Who could forget with the air time he received?

2. Red Sox Nation
You knew those annoying, whining, know-more-about-the-game-than-anybody-else fans would make this list. Red Sox fans are bad enough, but it’s the celebrity followers who make me sick to my stomach. I’m so tired of seeing Stephen King, Ben Affleck and even Steven Tyler grab all the TV attention when the “Sawx” are playing.
I must admit that I got great pleasure by watching Boston collapse last season, which eventually left them out of the playoffs. But I will never get used to or accept some of the above celebrities being shown every spare second of a Sox baseball game. I can’t even begin to tell you how obnoxious watching Affleck and King pretending to care was when Boston finally won a World Series. I don’t believe these guys! I’m sure Affleck is just going home to hook up with Jennifer Garner whether Boston wins or loses and King is just using the experience for his next best seller where somebody dies somehow. Maybe King can write a book about somebody doing awful things to Red Sox fans, I would definitely read that!
Sure I have a mad, bias, hatred towards Red Sox Nation, but I feel that others are probably as annoyed as I am with the celebrity Boston fans.

1. Brenda Warner
This one is a no brainer. Anybody who watched Super Bowl XXXIV will never forget the sight of Brenda Warner, the wife of quarterback Kurt Warner. I can’t be certain, but Brenda during the 1999 season was shown on TV more than Kurt himself. Announcers loved to tell the story about Warner and his plight to the NFL. One day a grocery bagger, the next day the signal caller for “the greatest show on turf.”

I’m not saying Brenda is a bad person, and she is certainly better to look at than any of those above Red Sox fans. However it was the overkill used by the TV people during that Super Bowl back in early 2000 that will never allow me to forget the image of Mrs. Warner. And, for that reason, is why she is No. 1 on my list.

Honorable mentions…
Spike Lee at Knicks games
Jack Nicholson at Lakers game
Penny Marshall at Clippers game
Ashley Judd at Kentucky games
Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood back when they were dating Tony Romo

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So who did I miss?