ROMEO (WWJ) – A Romeo High School teen could face charges after prompting a campus-wide lockdown by claiming he saw two students in the hallway with a gun.

Sheriff Anthony Wickersham said the student made the whole thing up.

“Investigators spoke to the witness and we reviewed some video and we were able to determine that this in fact was a false allegation, false hoax” Wickersham told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Sandra McNeill. “The information he was giving us just didn’t add up.”

So what was the teen’s motive?

“I don’t know. It’s beautiful Friday afternoon, so I don’t know if he had anything better to do. But we are going to take a look at this and review it,” said  Wickersham. “If he’s a juvenile, we’ll look to petition to the juvenile court. If not, we’ll charge him as an adult.”

Wickersham wants the teen charged with filing a false report.

  1. tracy carner says:

    This is the same tyoe of stupid behavior that happened in Girard, Pa on March 7 2012. The kid who posted the facebook rumor of bringing a gun was bullying my son. Charges are being investigated. Policy has to be inforced.

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