DETROIT (WWJ) – The Wayne County Medical Examiner’s office has confirmed that the bodies of the two women found in a shallow grave in Detroit on Sunday are those of missing Hamtramck women 18-year-old Abreeya Brown and 21-year-old Ashley Conaway.

They were found in a shallow grave on Sunday near 6 Mile and Telegraph Road over the weekend.

Meantime, the two men believed to be connected to their kidnapping and death are scheduled to appear in court Friday on charges stemming from

(Best friends Abreeya Brown, left, and Ashley Conaway)

a February shooting.

Brandon Cain and Brian Christopher Lee are suspected to be involved in last month’s abduction.

Family and friends of the victim’s waited outside 36th District Court Monday morning for Cain’s hearing from a prior shooting incident before it was postponed.

Conaway’s sister, Latrina Conaway, was very distraught, just hours after learning of the news.

“We should not lose our children to such evil and rotten men,” she said.

Conaway’s mother, Lois Brown, was in disbelief when she learned what happened to her daughter. “I didn’t even have a chance to bury my own child and they took it upon themselves to bury my own daughter,” Brown said.

Cain and another man were charged earlier this month in a Feb. 8 shooting involving the missing women. Cain and Lee are in custody and have not been charged in the women’s disappearance.

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  1. B.T. Washington says:

    Where’s the outrage? Maybe these women needed to be wearing hoodies to get the communities’ outrage or perhaps it is something else….I wonder what it could be?

  2. Bloomfield says:

    I have been following this since the minute I heard of the abduction. They are a couple of no good worthless thugs!!!! My heart goes out to their loved ones. I am so very sorry for your loss.

  3. Unique Monique says:

    Why isn’t Obama commenting on these two beautiful young ladies being murdered in cold blood? Where’s Al or Jesse or Spike? Does it only count the once in a blue moon that a black person is killed by someone of another race?

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