DETROIT (97.1 The Ticket) A bench warrant will be issued for Detroit Lions RB Mikel Leshoure, 21, who was scheduled to be arraigned in Berrien County today on a marijuana possession charge — his second charge racked up in the same neighborhood in a month.

Leshoure didn’t show up for his court date, which spurred the warrant. Court staff said he has no attorney on record.

Baroda Lake Twp. Gary Ruhl told WWJ Newsradio this is Leshoure’s second charge: He was first stopped Feb. 18 in Benton Township and charged with possession of marijuana; he pleaded guilty March 1 to a lesser charge of use of marijuana and paid $485 in court costs and fines.

On the latest stop March 12th, Ruhl said Leshoure was spotted trying to shove marijuana into his mouth. The cop told him to spit it out, the chief said, and Leshoure complied. He allegedly told the officer later that most of what he had in his mouth was just potpourri.

The incident began when Leshoure’s pal was pulled over for failing to signal a turn and driving too closely to the car in front of them on I-94. Read the entire police report here.

Tooling around in a rented SUV with a friend, Leshoure tried at one point to eat the evidence, police said. Both he and the 22-year-old driver had suspended driver’s licenses.

“Reporting officer, while speaking with the passenger (Leshoure) observed that he was chewing marijuana,” the report says. “(The officer) also observed small pieces of marijuana down the front of his shirt.”

The report says pot was spotted on the floorboards, the center console and both front seats. A blunt was allegedly in a cup of water in the console. Police ticketed Leshoure and his friend and dropped them off at a nearby McDonald’s to wait for a ride home. The car, a white 2012 Mitsubishi Endeavor, was towed back to the rental facility.

Leshoure was the Lions 2nd round pick last year out of Illinois. His rookie season ended before it started due to a torn Achilles in training camp. LeShoure was arrested on March 12th, and his original arraignment was scheduled for March 22nd but was pushed back to today. Leshoure’s arrest took place in Baroda Lake Twp.

He is expected to return to the Lions this season in full health.

Before this news broke, Jim Schwartz had just told MLive  he expected Leshoure to be ready for training camp. “He’s done well,” Schwartz said. “He’s been running. He’s been at our facility doing his rehab and (we) look forward to getting him back on the field and don’t anticipate any troubles.”

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  1. Dave K says:

    Just what the Lions need, another PR hit. I think this punk attitude has to go. I wouldn’t be surpised if it impacts the allready bias refereeing we get thanks ot Suh. Are we the dumbest team in the league?

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