DETROIT (WWJ)  – As the President releases his tax returns for the past 12 years, Democrats are calling for Mitt Romney to share more than just his 2010 returns, which showed he paid around 15% in taxes.

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer believes the public is entitled to know about his past financial activities, including overseas investments.

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“We’ve learned about his Swiss bank accounts, his off shore investments in the Cayman Islands – this is the kind of information the people of Michigan and the country need to know about,” said Brewer.

“Is he hiding income? Overseas … why is he banking offshore has he invested in companies which have outsourced our jobs? people deserve to know that as they consider whether to vote for him for president,” said Brewer.

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Brewer asks why Romney would put money in Swiss bank accounts when they are “notorious haven for people who want to hide income and avoid taxes in the United States … We can’t even ask the question until he makes the disclosure,” added Brewer.

Former Michigan Governor George Romney, set a standard many years ago by providing 12 years worth of tax statements, and others have done likewise.

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Brewer would like to see Romney’s tax returns for 12 years as well, exactly what his father George released many years ago as a candidate.