DETROIT (WWJ) – Work on the long-awaited Gateway project at the Ambassador Bridge will have to wait one more day — as high winds postpone work until Tuesday.

M-DOT officials say their number one priority is to get inbound truck traffic from Canada off the streets of southwest Detroit.

State Representative Rashida Tlaib tells WWJ she’s happy work is finally beginning.

“You’re talking about tax payer dollars – they were put toward this project … to remove the trucks and have a much more efficient border. (It’s a) huge stress for our neighborhood and our community for the families that have been paying a huge toll to living among all these trucks that have caused a lot of impact on their public health and impact on the public safety,” said Tlaib.

“When we see statistics that one of four of our kids have asthma in southwest Detroit and where we see our roads crumbling, where we see church parking lots being blocked endlessly by trucks. Our freeways being backed up by trucks and causing accidents … it’s just been a big mess right here at the border,” added Tlaib.

“Seeing the progress that’s happened has made us really feel confidence that we are finally going to get the trucks out of our local neighborhoods,” she said.

The $230 million project should be finished by October.


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