DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit has put up the “help wanted” sign in Silicon Valley and applications are pouring in.

The story from WWJ’s Marie Osborne is about thinking big and fast in today’s tech industry.

Josh Linkner is CEO of Detroit Venture Partners and he’s always looking for good tech talent. “We were reading in the headlines that YAHOO! was letting people go, and at the same time, we were scratching our heads saying, gosh, there is so much opportunity right here within our family of 50 or so companies and across the city of Detroit and this region,” said Linkner.

The idea of a website; was conceived on a Friday and born on the following Monday. So far that site has received over 12,000 hits and 500 applications.

Ted Serbinski vice president at DVP did seven months ago – “it’s just amazing to see the buildings, because some of these would rival and top a lot of buildings in San Francisco,” said Serbinski.

So who would make the move from the West Coast to Motown?

“So, if you’re in Silicon Valley you can get lost in the shuffle, blend in with the crowd, live in a tiny little house – have terrible schools. Or you can come to Detroit – we’ve got a lot of amazing things, that perhaps Silicon Valley used to have,” said Serbinski.

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