FERNDALE — One of the first low-profit limited liability corporations, or L3Cs, in Michigan, ardentCause, has received funding from Southfield-based Mission Throttle L3C, and the Detroit Development Fund.

Devoted to strengthening the nonprofit industry through the adroit use of technology, ardentCause has deployed its breakthrough cloud-based software, CauseEffectz, at more than 70 nonprofit agencies during the past year, assisting them to more efficiently build capacity and fulfill their missions.

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“My understanding is that ardentCause will use this first round of social impact funds to add even more functionality to its robust and innovative CauseEffectz decision support and outcomes measurement solution,” said Phillip W. Fisher, Founder of Mission Throttle. “Since we created Mission Throttle to foster significant paradigm shifts, and supply better tools to support philanthropy, this dovetails perfectly with our vision.”

Founded in 2009, ardentCause is a woman-owned entrepreneurial venture that has been primarily self-funded until this year. The company employs 11 software developers, technology leaders, and business development professionals. It has medium-sized and large nonprofits, and their funders, among its client base.

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“The Detroit Development Fund is thrilled to help ardentCause L3C pursue its important mission,” said Ray Waters, president of the fund. “Over the last decade, as I have observed nonprofits in Detroit, it is clear to me that many of them face immense challenges in fundraising. The better we all become at concise, comprehensive and visual reporting of outcomes to donors and the community, the more nonprofits will be able to show the positive impact they are having. ArdentCause’s unique dashboard software helps them do that. CauseEffectz can immediately strengthen their ability to raise funds. I have not seen anything else like it anywhere.”

“I was immediately impressed with the ardentCause team members, when I met them,” added Fisher. “They are people who have thoughtfully and purposefully decided to devote considerable talents to many of the same goals as Mission Throttle. Nonprofits sorely need cost-effective, simple technology solutions to help with their challenges.  ardentCause supplies those, and does it in an effective way that is painless for nonprofit staff members to adopt.”

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More at http://ardentcause.com.