Scott Anderson Blog:

It is well documented that I do believe in jinxes. When someone says something in my presence that could upset the balance of all things great in Detroit sports, I try to police the commentary with a quick, “Knock on wood” approach.

Recently, Calvin Johnson was put on the cover of the new Madden video game and for most NFL players that is quite the status symbol. Unfortunately, it is also the kiss of death for your upcoming season as most players that have graced the cover suffer some form of malady that truly affects their campaign.

I wasn’t happy about the news that Calvin made the cover, because I do believe in the Madden Jinx. However, I now find myself dedicated to trying to find ways to counter that very power so we as Lions fans can go into 2012 with a good frame of mind. What is done, is done. We cannot change the fact that he is on the cover, though we can try to find ways to appease the Jinx Gods so as not to ruin our hopes and dreams.

Now we have another campaign with a Detroit athlete as Pavel Datsyuk has made the quarterfinals of his tourney to star on the cover of the NHL video game. Though scores of people are concerned, I offer this, we are not aware of any NHL cover jinx. And, while we’re at it, we are not aware of any MLB cover jinx, so Justin Verlander should be safe.

Of course, the rules of what is and what is not a Jinx are very fuzzy. Some of us are on a need to know basis (and Doug does not need to know) regarding those rules. Suffice it to say, there is no pattern associated with injuries to baseball or hockey players and the cover of their respective video games…Thankfully!


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