By: Mike Valenti

I’ll keep this short and sweet; I don’t like Charlie Villanueva on twitter, on the court or in a Pistons uniform.

I didn’t like him or his contract the day he signed here. I haven’t liked him a single moment he has been here. He’s been almost a complete waste of money. And I certainly don’t like him today following a bizarre series of tweets and his failure to make the Dominican Olympic Team due to “weight” issues.

Villanueva is why the amnesty clause was created; his picture should be beside it in the dictionary.

Bad player. Bad contract. Bad/flippant attitude. Amnesty.

Well Charlie the media didn’t create a quote or make this an opinion piece…YOUR COACH DID. John Calipari basically said you’d slow the entire team down and weren’t in good enough shape.

Then CV31 drifted deeper into the wasteland that has become his career with this gem…

Forget the ridiculous appearance of his nearly decade old UCONN title ring but an NBA player weighing himself on twitter? To prove what exactly? Oh I know, that he’s 11-pounds over his listed playing weight with the Pistons but somewhere below where he was during the season? Congrats.

But wait, Charlie wasn’t done yet…

Ah I see, Charlie is either mocking the fans here or denying he ever “tried out” for the team. Perfect. Fact is, Calipari thought so little of  CV that he wasn’t invited. The report that a private workout was held is indeed false but what isn’t,  is that a player who has been a big part of the team in the past was thought so little of; he wasn’t allowed to be on it.

For a guy who gets more run on twitter than he does the court it’s just not a smart move.

I’ll tell you what is though, using the amnesty clause on this guy and wiping out the wasted money this guy makes. If it’s up to me, whom clearly it isn’t, he wouldn’t see the light of training camp. I’d interrupt his bottle service NBA Draft viewing with a pink slip.

Villanueva decided to blame the media.


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