By: Scott Anderson

I have to admit, the NBA Finals actually have appeal. Though I am not the biggest fan of the league nor am I particularly enamored with LeBron James, watching the Heat and the Thunder has me thinking that we are witnessing (no pun intended LBJ) the next great rivalry in sports…or at least the NBA.

I’ve always said that the NBA in the ’80s was the best. You had several teams loaded with talent that really clawed their way to the top. The Celtics, Lakers, Pistons, 76ers, Warriors, it seemed that every team had a superstar duo that would attract any bystander. Of course, Michael Jordan took things to a higher level once they added players around him, but for the most part it was about teams first, not individuals.

That’s what we seem to have here, the Thunder aren’t just Kevin Durant and the Heat aren’t just LeBron James. Both teams have complimentary players and both teams are relatively young. This is the dawn of a new NBA, one without KG and Kobe, this new guard has potential to thrill us for years to come and getting this infusion of young talent going in teams that normally aren’t apt to make the playoffs is refreshing.

Think about it, Blake Griffin isn’t going anywhere so the Clippers are relevant; Derrick Rose is the new king of Chicago and has a nice young cast around him as well. Who will land Dwight Howard? Even our Pistons have some hope with the likes of Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight. The NBA is ready for a change and we are fortunate enough to see it happen.


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