DETROIT (Talk Radio 1270)  Dominatrix Lady Geanna, who was the first person to reveal Bob Bashara’s alleged sex dungeon and ties to the world of sadomasochism, called the Charlie Langton Talk Radio 1270 show Monday with new revelations.

She thinks handyman Joe Gentz, who allegedly killed Jane Bashara at her husband’s request in exchange for some cash and a car, was involved in Bashara’s world as his own personal “sex slave.” Bashara was arrested and charged last week with solicitation of murder for allegedly offering more than one person money in exchange for killing Gentz before his next court hearing.

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Prosecutors say Bashara delivered $2,000 to an informant who offered to kill Gentz for him.

“Joe was his slave, Joe would do what he was told,” Lady Giana said on the show. “If Bob was doing any type of demonstration he would probably use Joe as his slave. He would be tying up Joe, flogging him, whipping him, bisexual activity could be going on.

“… He did do demonstrations of the whipping of Joe, bondage of Joe … He was his slave so he would serve Bob in any way, shape or form that he wanted … He could’ve been turned into his sex slave.”

She said this information was gleaned from discussions with 20 or more people she knows in the local S&M scene. “I got phone calls, people were telling me all of what was going on at the parties … and that Joe Gentz was definitely his slave and would do what Bob told him to do.”

Would Gentz kill for Bashara? Langton asked. “Yes,” Lady Geanna said, adding, “Joe, intelligent-wise, he had to be told what to do … His mentality, he had to be told what to do.”

So why didn’t she tell his story as soon as Gentz was arrested?

“The information that I’ve gathered … I didn’t want to say it at the time until he was arrested … I was getting calls, threatening calls,” Lady Geanna said. “They did participate in the slave parties together and Bob was the master, Joe being his slave. Joe would do whatever master Bob would tell him to do.”

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She said many told her they saw Gentz, who rented from Bashara and reportedly served as his handyman, at the sex dungeon. And she believes Gentz and Bashara may have had some kind of written contract, which is how slaves and masters generally assure their relationship.

“Literally slave contracts are made, with ownership,” she said. “I’m sure maybe when the police dig around a little more they’ll probably find a contract of some sort with Joe.”

Lady Geanna knows Bashara and his sex dungeon friends, she said, because he tried to hire her to host parties at his S&M club. She said she knew him only as “Master Bob.”

“It was a complete S&M show underneath his bar,” she said about the Hard Luck Lounge, now closed, that Bashara owned in Grosse Pointe Park.

Bob Bashara’s attorney, David Griem, says Lady Giana is not credible.

“Any fame that she has gotten she has received from the media in the last four months, and she has done anything and everything she can do in order to get a minute or two of fame,” said Griem.

“That claim (that Gentz was Bashara’s slave) is absurd. I mean, that makes absolutely no sense,” Griem said.

Griem said his client has emphatically denied ever knowing the dominatrix and has offered to take a polygraph to prove it.

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