SOUTHFIELD — As government budgets and staff shrink and government agencies look for solutions to help them streamline and improve processes, ImageSoft Inc., a Southfield-based technology company, has seen a surge in growth in its government practice during 2012.

The company, which provides document and process management solutions to convert manual, paper-based processes to automated, digital processes, has secured five new government customers since May 2012.

“State and local governments are operating with less, but constituent demand for service and transparency has not waned,” said Scott Bade, ImageSoft president. “Increasingly, government agencies are recognizing that they simply can’t afford to continue down the same old path. They’ve seen the value that technologies solutions, such as document management, automated workflow, electronic signature, eFiling and eCertification provide, and they understand that what they invest in technology today will be quickly recouped through improved efficiencies, reduced costs, increased public safety and enhanced citizen service.”

ImageSoft will provide its new government customers with a variety of technology products and services aimed at improving processes and increasing efficiencies. The work ranges from a small, single-department project to an enterprise-wide content management implementation.

The new projects include:

Monroe County, Mich., Road Commission at which ImageSoft will install a solution to generate work orders for road repairs using electronic forms. This will enable the Road Commission to more expediently evaluate work orders and assign repair tasks and enable priority services dispatching for road issues that require immediate repair.

Fresno County, Calif., where ImageSoft will undertake a document redaction project in conjunction with Extract Systems in the County’s environmental health division.

Ingham County, Mich., Probate Court, where ImageSoft will convert the customer from an outdated legacy application to ImageSoft’s iJustice paper-on-demand platform with advanced workflow and electronic signing.  The solution will enable the use of an electronic case file over traditional paper for improving efficiency, transparency and customer service. Additionally, ImageSoft has also expanded its work at the Ingham County Prosecutor’s office, which is an existing ImageSoft customer. There, ImageSoft will begin making major enhancements to Ingham’s comprehensive electronic prosecution solution to improve processes and enhance communication between law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office.

Ohio Department of Veterans Services where ImageSoft will install an OnBase document management system in its Human Resources department to automate processes.

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency at which ImageSoft will implement an enterprise-wide OnBase document storage and retrieval system with public portals to provide citizen access to documents and information.

Since 1996, ImageSoft’s technology and workflow solutions have increased productivity, reduced operating costs and saved time and money for its customers in government, the courts, healthcare, insurance, education and manufacturing.

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