DETROIT (WWJ) – Former Detroit Red Wing Darren McCarty will be back in court Wednesday afternoon asking a judge to keep in place a personal protection order against a former girlfriend.

McCarty claims he fears Tonya Juhl and some of her friends and says she’s harassed him in public.

But Juhl’s attorney Andrew Abood says this case isn’t about Juhl or McCarty… it’s about his wife.

“She’s trying to cut ties that she has had with both friends and acquaintances and as a result one way to do that is by filing a PPO. I think anyone who has sat through the hearing recognized that this was anything but what you would think of as a classic stalking case,” said Abood.

Abood says they had a previous relationship, “and with my client terminating the relationship and I think there was some jealousy on Miss McCarty’s part,” he said.

“The reality of it is that Mr. McCarty and my client have had no contact for well over a year,” Abood said.

McCarty’s wife has said that Juhl and three others were trying to draw McCarty back into his old bad habits of drinking and gambling. The couple later dropped PPO requests against the other three friends.

McCarty famously helped the Wings win the Stanley Cup four times. He spent 13 seasons with the Red Wings before retiring in 2009. In his personal life, the hockey great went through rehab for alcohol addiction in the 1990s, and filed for bankruptcy in 2005.  Recently, he starred in episodes of “Hard Core Pawn,” a reality TV show about workers at the Detroit pawn shop.


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