SOUTHFIELD (Talk Radio 1270) – GOP Senate candidate Clark Durant joined Talk Radio 1270 host Charlie Langton on Thursday to answer Mark Brewer’s allegations that his charity is a sham. The discussion got heated when the Michigan Democratic leader called in.

Brewer wasted no time getting to the issue.

“He’s the chair and founder of a foundation which is paying him and his daughter at least a million and a half dollars over the last couple of years,” said Brewer. “Money for a foundation which was originally intended to help kids in Detroit.”

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“We’re going to file a complaint and the IRS is going to get to the bottom of this scam that Clark Durant has been perpetuating,” Brewer said.

Durant claimed the structure is completely legal and explained saying, “If Mark would look at the IRS regulations — one of the things that they look for in self dealing is, number one, is there an independent board. I did not serve on the board of The Genesis Foundation. The majority of the board was made up of Bruce Becker and Bill Pulte, because it was their money. Number two, it had to be consistent with the charitable purposes that the foundation was setup to do …”

The Genesis Foundation supports the Cornerstone system of charter schools in Detroit. The Detroit Free Press originally reported on an independent study that showed how Durant received about $1.2 million in pay in 2008-10.

Pointing to what he thinks Brewer’s motivation for the allegations are, Clark Durant said, “Mark has heard and seen our poll numbers rise. They’re worried. They don’t want to have to take me on in the general election so they’re attacking me now. Otherwise Mark would be ignoring it.”

Langton asked Brewer, “If the people are contributing the money, Pulte and Becker, they know what Clark Durant is making. What’s the problem there?”

Referring to the money donated by Becker and Pulte for Durants compensation, Brewer said, “Ninety-five cents out of every dollar given to this foundation goes right in to Clark Durant and his daughter’s pockets to the detriment of kids in Detroit.”


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