TROY (WWJ) – Police are now using cadaver dogs as they search for a 55-year-old Troy man, missing for a week.

Troy police Captain Robert Redmond confirmed Friday they’re sweeping a large area in Montrose, north of Flint, including a landfill, river and farm land.

Police said Thursday the disappearance is now a homicide case after investigators found evidence of a violent struggle in the basement of Patrick Mikes’ home.

The main suspect, Mikes’ 21-year old son, Patrick Mikes Jr., was arrested for illegally using his teenage brother’s credit card.

Investigators said they no longer believe the younger Mikes’ story that his father, an avid bicyclist, left for a bike ride Friday night and never returned. Mikes never showed up for work on Friday and his younger son, 16-year-old Andrew Mikes, told police he hadn’t seen his father since Thursday night.

Mikes’ Jr., a senior at the University of Notre Dame, is out on bond.

Troy police are asking anyone with information to contact them at (248) 524-3477.

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