DETROIT (CBS Detroit) If you’re evicted or have to move in a hurry for any other reason, don’t just leave a helpless pet alone in an empty house.

Call a rescue organization, drop them off at a local shelter or turn them over to a friend or neighbor.

That’s the message from Detroit Dog Rescue, where organizers said they’re sick and tired of having to collect emaciated pets from homes with owners who walked away without a backward glance.

It’s usually a death sentence.

But in some cases rescuers get there while the pet is still alive, and that’s what happened to Danny Boy, a docile 6-month German Shepherd mix left in an empty east side Detroit house. Weak and with every rib visible, the dog was able to drink some water when rescuers got to him, and he was on his way to the vet immediately Monday.

“We receive these calls from community residents, police officers, firefighters, and this guy is a perfect example of why not to do that … He is extremely emaciated, dehydrated … We’re sick of it. We are sick of getting these calls multiple times a day,” a spokeswoman for Detroit Dog Rescue said.

“We are demanding a call to action that this stops. If you’re moving, call an organization, we will feed your dog… Please, please do not leave a dog in this situation.”

To report a stray, abandoned, abused, or expired dog call the Detroit Dog Rescue at 313-720-0702; To be placed on a volunteer list, email

To report suspected animal abuse or abandonment in Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park, call the Michigan Humane Society Cruelty Hotline at 313-872-3401.


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