DETROIT — (WWJ) A new auto interiors plant is about to create 500 jobs on Detroit’s west side. It’s one of the largest new manufacturing investments in the city in two decades.

VIDEO: Jeff Gilbert reports on the opening of Detriot Manufacturing Systems.

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“We’re creating hope,” says Andra Rush, CEO of Detroit Manufacturing. “We’re creating a showcase of winners. We’re also creating world class interiors with a world class partner, with Faurecia.”

Detroit manufacturing has already hired about fifty employees, and is using Detroit Employment Solutions to hire more. They opened up their first assembly line following a Wednesday morning ceremony, and will slowly ramp up.

“I think this is one of the best opportunities we’ve had in the city in a long time,” said worker Crystal Glass, who sees the new operation as a great opportunity.

“I’m thirty years old,” she said. “I don’t remember the last time something this exciting happened.”

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Both Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder were on hand for the event, seen as a model of cooperation between business, government and unions.

“We have a situation here today when we only have winners,” said Snyder. “That’s what we should be trying to do every single day of our lives.”

The interiors being built at Detroit Manufacturing will go into the Ford Mustang, and–later on–the Ford F-150. CEO Andra Rush says they are looking for new business, which will mean new hires.

“In two years, we hope there will be 1500,” she said. “I see some of my friends from GM, and Chrysler and Toyota. They’ve committed to be a part of this.”

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