ROCHESTER HILLS — PAT Engineering USA is looking for U.S. military veterans with experience and degrees in engineering and construction for its rapidly expanding business.

PAT says it’s welcoming professionals with degrees in construction management and veterans with experience in engineering, construction and sales due to significant recent growth.

“We feel it is our civic duty to hire veterans within Michigan who have the discipline and teamwork mentality that drives so many companies to success,” said Rick Weaver, PAT vice president. “PAT is eager to hire these individuals and learn from their resilient ethics.”

PAT is currently investigating the opportunities to expand operations and open offices in Micronesia and Africa. The general contracting company has specialized niche areas within their engineering and construction projects; significant strengths include green energy, high-end security systems, procurement, information technology and turn-key contracting.

For more information about PAT Engineering, visit or send resumes to

PAT Engineering USA is one of several companies that form the PAT Group of international engineering, procurement, integration and commissioning construction companies. There are currently PAT offices on four continents.


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