By: Jeff Lesson

He has been the greatest golfer of this era. Some would argue that he is also the greatest golfer of all time. But it is clear that Eldrick “Tiger” Woods is a mere shadow of his former self.

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Ever since Woods came upon the scene in 1996 he has always measured himself by how many majors he has won. He currently has won 14, second only to the 18 of Jack Nicklaus.

However, that number has remained at 14 since June of 2008. Ever since Woods has folded on the weekends of nearly every Major he played in.

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The obvious difference is his shocking loss of ability to make the clutch putt. It used to be a foregone conclusion that Woods would always drain any putt that mattered down the stretch. Now, he rarely seems to convert. The problem is nearly as bad with his distance control on his approach shots- especially with his short irons.

At age 36 many assume he has plenty of time to catch Nicklaus, who won his last Major at age 46. But Woods has had many more surgeries on his knees than Nicklaus ever did, and has lost the mental toughness that is sorely needed to perform on weekends in the Majors.

He may still be the best golfer of our time, but we may have seen the last of him winning any Major Championships.

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