With the “Big Brother” finale coming up on Wednesday at 9:30 p.m., Final Three contestant Dan Gheesling’s wife, Chelsea Gheesling, stops by First Forecast Mornings to share her thoughts about his performance this season.

With gossip sites, blogs and social networks buzzing about Dan’s dirty tactics, including swearing on his wedding band, marriage, bible and/or wife to prove a point, what did Chelsea Gheesling have to say?

“Number one, I watch the live feeds which are 24/7 surveillance on the house. So I get that it’s a reality show and our contract said you can be in whatever light we would like to edit you in,” said Chelsea Gheesling.

“Chronologically, things were a little out of order.” “Not to pull the editing card, but things are made to look a little bit different than they really were,” she explained.

When it came to swearing on the Bible, Dan Gheesling hasn’t bent the truth. “He swore he would tell Frank the truth about the past. Which he did.”

When it came to him swearing on his and Chelsea’s marriage, Chelsea Gheesling hinted at some possible white lies, “This is a game and I’m cool with you doing whatever it takes to win.”

Watch “Big Brother” on CBS 62 in Detroit. Check the local TV listings page for more information.

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