By: Bill McAllister

From the mid to late 1990’s my favorite actor on Saturday Night Live was not Will Ferrell, it wasn’t Cheri Oteri and it wasn’t Chris Kattan. It was in fact, Jim Breuer. His Joe Pesci impression is spot on, his Brian Johnson of AC/DC is perfect and anytime a sketch called for a drunk ‘frat boy’, Jim Breuer was called upon. But my favorite character of all was ‘Goat Boy’. The idea that a half man, half goat hybrid was created in a lab in Chicago was awesome but when said Goat Boy hosts a show on MTV called, “Hey, Remember The Eighties?”, that is pure hilarity!

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Stoney, Sara and I interviewed Breuer Thursday and he revealed that Goat Boy actually began as a goof he used to pull in the bars with his friends to get free drinks. He would walk up to the bartender and “act like I had Tourette’s”, mixing words with the bleating we’re accustomed to from Goat Boy. The bartender would give him the drinks so he would get away from the bar. When he presented the character to Lorne Michaels and the SNL brass they said they weren’t too keen on the character having Tourette’s so, Goat Boy was born, er created.

Breuer also told us about the time Joe Pesci actually confronted him about his impression of him. He said Pesci asked if he was Italian to which Breuer said no. Pesci responded with, “where do you get off makin’ fun of Italians when you’re not even Italian?” Pesci says he was just kidding but Breuer jokingly says, “I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s connected”

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If you would like to see a truly funny guy, who by the way, is pretty clean and family friendly, check out Jim Breuer at the Royal Oak Music Theatre, Friday September 28th at 9PM.


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