Running back Mikel Leshoure finally made his NFL debut and he rushed for 100 yards and scored a touchdown. He is the first Lions’ back to gain 100 yards in his debut since Billy Sims in 1980. Leshoure not only started in place of Kevin Smith, but it appears Smith has been knocked to No. 3 in the rotation. When the Lions gave Leshoure a blow in the fourth quarter, they went with Joique Bell (23 yards in five carries). Smith played only a handful of snaps and never touched the ball.

The Lions fell into the same trap they did against the 49ers last week. They got suckered into playing a conservative, run-based game early against a porous Titans defense that, like the 49ers, played their safeties 20 yards deep, dissuading the vertical pass and daring the run. The Lions again took the bait, running it 18 times and passing it 18 times in the first half. Despite getting inside the 35 three times and inside the 15 once, they managed just three field goals.

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