CHINA (WWJ) – Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is in China this week on a mission to promote trade, tourism and cultural exchanges between Michigan and China. The Governor joined WWJ’s Paul Snider live and spoke about the Michigan China Center that recently opened.

“It’s about getting more Chinese investment in Michigan, in terms of creating jobs and also in terms of having export opportunities to China,” said Snyder. “And the good part is it’s a good low-cost option, in the sense that the council of great lakes governors actually have the office – it’s kind of a shared office space arrangement but it allows us to have a presence … we had a great turnout for opening.”

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The Governor told WWJ that the trip included 21 Michigan businesses – on what he described as a “parallel trade mission” – for those interested in export and doing work in China.

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Snyder says the center offers additional resources that could potentially create new jobs in Michigan.

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Read more about the trade trip, here.