ROSEVILLE (WWJ) The Hoffa watch ended at 3:15 p.m. Tuesday when Roseville police released word that soil samples taken from under a driveway in a suburban Detroit backyard turned up no signs of DNA.

Many were skeptical of reports from a tipster who told police he had seen men mysteriously moving black bags around the yard the night Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa disappeared in 1975. But dozens of people turned the neighborhood into a block party Friday while the Michigan Department of Environment Quality dug up samples of dirt from 6 feet under the ground.

The dirt was tested for the presence of bone fragments or human DNA — and the results were negative.

“Our department just received the soil sample report from Michigan State University, after a battery of tests; the samples submitted for examination showed no signs of human decomposition,” the Roseville police department said in a press release. ” As a result of these tests the Roseville Police Department will be concluding their investigation into the possible interment of a human body upon the property. ”

Local mob expert and “Motor City Mafia” author Scott Burnstein told WWJ Legal Analyst and Talk Radio 1270 host Charlie Langton last week there was no way the Mafia would bury Hoffa under a Roseville drive. He’s firmly convinced his killers either incinerated Hoffa or disposed of his body in another way that means he’ll never be found.

The feds have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the decades-long hunt for Hoffa, according to inside sources. A 2006 Milford farm dig alone cost $250,000, sources said, and before that, in 2003, a swimming pool and the surrounding area was excavated a few hours north of Detroit. Investigators subsequently tore apart a home where Hoffa’s blood reportedly stained the floorboards.

“I’ve talked to several high-level members of organized crime families (about this),” Burnstein said last Thursday during an appearance on the Langton Talk Radio 1270 show. “And a very highly placed member made a comment, ‘If we had to do it all over again, we would have left him in the middle of Telegraph Road (to avoid the ongoing publicity of new searches.)’”

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