(video credit: Paul Pytlowany / CBS 62)

Detroit (CBS 62) – The Detroit Design Center presents “New City – Old City” a collection of sculptures by Eric and Israel Nordin. The glass and metal sculptures will be on display at the Chase Building Monday, October 8 through Friday, November 2, 2012.

These artists really believe in Detroit!

“We want to give Detroit a lot of attention. We love Detroit and we don’t want to go anywhere else. This is our city. We’ve kind of seen it through its ups and downs. So I guess being an artist we’re able to kind of help it on its upswing,” said Israel Nordin.

The brothers combined their creative talents in 2001 to create the Detroit Design Center. For over a decade the Design Center has had the opportunity to create unique, one of a kind objects for personal and corporate spaces. These two brothers who originate from metro Detroit, Michigan, use metal, blown glass, wood and other mediums to tell their story.

Their father was in the steel business and they bought the building they work in from him. He left them with a piece of advice to keep any sibling rivalry civilized. Thinking of a pair of vintage boxing gloves their father gave them Erik Nordin said, “We think so much alike, but our processes are different … he said you guys if you have any arguments about your work, please put these on first.”

Maybe this duo should be the cast of a new reality TV series?

“New City – Old City” will debut with a private viewing and unveiling of the exhibit on Thursday October 4, 2012 at the historic Whitney restaurant. Media and guests will have the opportunity to meet the artists and have a sneak peak of the exhibit.

The Detroit Design Center is located at 6100 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. The Detroit Design Center is available by appointment only. For more information visit detroitdesigncenter.com.


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