By Scott Ryan

With all the effort to find classmates, we can’t lose sight of the actual planning.  What good is a party if there’s nowhere to host it?

A group of classmates recently sat down for the first of what will probably be several meetings to plan things.  The big debate will probably center around the venue–and whether it should be at a hotel-type conference room versus a restaurant.  Each has its merits, and we’ll be competing with summertime tourists and wedding season.  Fortunately, we have friends and other grads who work in both areas–maybe we’ll have to call on one of them for a favor.

We can’t just all show up in a room; there has to be some nostalgia to look at.  You wouldn’t believe some of the things classmates have saved from high school.  Not just yearbooks, but newsletters, student handbooks, lettermen jackets, boxer shorts, etc.  I still use my high school key chain.

To that end, I’ve still got some pictures, ticket stubs, and other items from high school.  Even a report card.  I think I still have my track spikes, too.  I doubt anyone will care about those old shoes, but if I can dig up those pictures, I’m sure the great stories that go with them will also be discovered.  And maybe some embarrassment too.

As far as finding classmates goes, things have slowed considerably.  I’ve reached a point where emails and voice mails aren’t being returned or I’m chasing the same leads.  I’m pretty sure that we’ve got the right info in many cases, but it helps to know for sure.

I think we’ve got a good group of people planning things–I’m guessing they’ll meet again in another month.  I hope we’ll each have made some progress by then.

*About this blog:  Scott is a 1988 graduate of Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach, Va. and is blogging about his experience ahead of his 25th high school reunion in 2013.  You can contact Scott at 248-945-9950 or via email at  Please put “The Reunion Project” in the subject line.


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