GRANDVILLE — Trivalent Group, one of Michigan’s largest technology firms, today announced a partnership with Comcast that will expand Trivalent’s robust suite of services to include all of the Comcast Business Class services. 

With this expansion, Trivalent will be uniquely positioned to extend the most comprehensive technology solutions throughout the state and region. The partnership is through Comcast’s Solution Provider program — an elite network that includes only 24 technology firms nationally.

“We are honored to partner with Comcast,” Trivalent Group CEO Larry Andrus said. “Being selected as one of only 24 partners in the U.S. is further validation of our quality work as a full-service technology provider.  This partnership will further expand our offerings and, in some instances, allow us to reach into locations that cannot be served by other vendors.”

Comcast is selective in which organizations it chooses as partners to ensure top-notch service and expertise as an extension of its own organization. Comcast plans to limit its partnerships to no more than 30 in the nation.

“We’re uniquely positioned to partner with Comcast due to our expertise across service lines,” said Andrus.  “It is this expertise that allows us to get up-to-speed quickly on Comcast’s unique offerings, such as its Metro Ethernet.”

Trivalent Group will begin offering Comcast services immediately.

Established in 2003, Trivalent Group has emerged as one of Michigan’s largest technology firms through strong leadership, organic growth and acquisitions. Trivalent Group exists to lower the cost of use and eliminate the operational headaches of technology. Bundling hardware, software, bandwidth and support capabilities together improves efficiency, reduces downtime and can result in significant cost savings.

Trivalent is headquartered in Grandville, with offices in Mt. Pleasant, Kalamazoo, and Battle Creek.


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