By: Bill McAllister

A former female employee of Michigan State Spartan and L.A. Laker Magic Johnson is suing him for, among other things, forcing her to regularly ‘squeeze’ his Red Vine licorice to make sure it was soft enough. When I first read this story my first thought was, why not Twizzlers? They’re way better than Red Vines, in fact I would even put Cherry Nibs in front of Red Vines! I digress…

Lanita Thomas, who worked as Magic’s personal flight attendant on his private jet from 2004 until last month, is suing Johnson on grounds of Unlawful Termination. Lanita is calling B.S. on the Hall of Fame Hoopster who is claiming he let her go for showing up 15-minutes late for work. Lanita, who is 45-years old says the reason for her termination is because Magic wanted to trade her in for a younger woman to ‘service him in the air’. While she admits that she was late that one day, it was because she was stuck in the deli line getting Magic’s specific type of sliced turkey. The suit, which was filed in L.A. Superior Court also contends that Mr. Johnson was ‘very particular that all snacks were fresh’. Now, if you’ve seen Magic Johnson lately you know that, he does not only want his snacks fresh, he would also like them in the bottomless pit size. “Whoa, Magic! Try to cut it down to 5000 calories a day!”

On Wednesday’s Stoney And Bill Show, we’ll talk about Magic’s case as well as discussing what your food issues might be. Are you one of those people who can’t have your food touching? Do you eat all of one item before you move onto the next one? For me, I don’t know how you eat meatloaf without mixing in the mashed potatoes. Bizarre. Call us with your food demands at 248-539-9797.