STERLING HEIGHTS (CBS Detroit) The victim hasn’t yet been identified, but police are getting closer to finding out whose dismembered body was found in a Sterling Heights sewer in August.

DNA tests revealed the tattooed parts belonged to a woman, according to Sterling Heights police.

“We now know that we have a Caucasian female, with a large build, and then of course the additional information is the partial tattoo that was the pieces of evidence that were recovered,” said Lt. Luke Riley.

Riley said Monday that no other identifying factors were found, but that the DNA would be put into state and federal databases to check for possible matches.

The 10 body parts were found at about 8:30 a.m. Aug. 15 by contractors clearing debris from a pipe in Sterling Heights along 15 Mile Road just east of Maple Lane.

The parts, which were found on a grate about 50 feet down, didn’t include bones or internal organs.

“They were not skeletal. Exactly what they are I can’t tell you a this point, but from the description of what they are they definitely appear to be human and they don’t appear to have been there a tremendously long time,” Riley said.

A photo was provided to the media. (View it here – Please note: Image at link shows actual human remains and may be disturbing). Anyone who may recognize this tattoo is asked to contact police.

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