DETROIT (WWJ) – If you could be president of any Michigan university, which one would it be? What’s your favorite movie starring Jeff Daniels? Those are two of the questions in a new card game that’s all about Michigan.

“And the whole idea of it is just to get you thinking about things about Michigan that maybe you haven’t thought about for awhile, and just generally just to kind of foster a good sense about the state of Michigan, everything from geography to history to sports to politics — you name it, but it’s all about Michigan,” said Bret Nicholaus, one of the creators of the Michigan Chat Pack.

Nicholaus says the game also features questions designed to spark conversation.

“The famed Honololu house in Marshall is regarded as one of the must unusual pieces of architecture in the United States,” Nicholaus said. “If you could have any unique, even bizarre architectural element added to your own home, what would it be? So you see where you can go with that. First you’re getting a little factoid about Michigan, which is kind of cool, but then it says, what if you could have something unusual on your house, and that’s where the creativity comes in, and hopefully, the fun conversation gets going.”

No corner of the state is left out. Nicholaus says they make similar games for a few other Midwest states.

Click here for sample questions from the Michigan Chat Pack.


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