BLOOMFIELD HILLS — Many American medical innovations, including possible new drugs and medical devices, can’t raise the money needed for early stage testing. Now there is a way for every affected person to help those dedicated scientists receive the funds needed to make the next medical breakthrough.

CureLauncher founder and president Stephen Goldner said his startup is based on “our years of experience with National Institutes of Health sponsored world class research. It shows that Michigan can lead the way in nimble creation of new business and jobs, since we were able to create this company from a project concept in just 11 weeks.”

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Being a crowd funding company is no longer enough to succeed, according to Goldner: “You have to add real value to people’s lives, and we do just that by providing any person with the opportunity to directly communicate with medical researchers in a confidential setting, plus every person has the immediate opportunity to get free medical treatment in clinical trials that can save a persons’ life.”

The company’s unique knowledge base of patient clinical needs combined with our deep experience in medical treatment research and FDA approvals, will drive the success of this medical funding community and benefit hundreds of thousands of people in the coming months.

Many people don’t know that there’s free medical treatment available at world class sites across America. For example, there are 5,000 breast cancer studies running in the U.S. and 400 of them are looking for thousands of patients right now. Anybody needing free ‘cutting edge’ breast cancer clinical trial treatment can visit and instantly find a treatment site in their area. The “Clinical Trials” page on CureLauncher lists the breast cancer trials with a convenient map to show their nearby location.

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CureLauncher also translates complex medical terminology into easy to understand English. A CureLauncher concierge person is also available to answer any questions. The information is free to all users and instantly helps people connect with clinical trials that can save their life.

“CureLauncher addresses the tremendous desire of easy access, for people to find clinical trials, while also providing reliable patients for the clinical trial sites,” said vice president David Fuehrer. connects people to world-class drug and medical device inventors. The featured project is a new metastatic breast cancer treatment from NIH cancer researcher Dr. Lee Roy Morgan, CEO of Dekk-Tec Inc. Each person who donates $25 or more to Morgan’s research can write a personal and confidential email and receive Morgan’s reply.

Eighty percent of the 50,000 clinical trials that take place annually in the U.S. are delayed due to low enrollment. Nearly 100 percnet of all new drug and medical device development companies waste months searching for funds to support their lab and clinical research, adding ever-greater cost burdens to our medical system. Curelauncher can reduce or eliminate those time-wasting costly problems.

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