DETROIT (WWJ) – Millions of us will be hitting the grocery store aisles selecting items for our holiday meals. But, a local burn specialist cautions those who typically buy those lightweight, aluminum roasting pans to think about the risks.

Nurse Sylvia VanDerKooy-Kempl of the DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital Burn Unit, says those pans tend to be very, very flimsy, so be very careful when removing these food-filled pans from the oven…

“…that your hands are covered with pot holders, obviously. Because, we get people that come into the unit with severe burns to their hands. And, then, the grease that can spill from that. Just, you don’t want little kids around. You don’t … it’s the usual safety precautions for cooking,” said VanDerKooy-Kempl.

She also suggests sitting the pan on a sturdy cookie-sheet that won’t bend under the weight of the food as you pull it from the oven.

Find more tips to keep you safe in the kitchen, here.



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