CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP — ALC Hosted Telecommunications has introduced  operator assisted conference calling.

“As operating budgets continue to be cut, our clients continue looking for ways to reduce costs, and we continue to introduce services that help our clients accomplish this goal,” said ALC owner Bettyanne Molitor.   Operator assisted conference calls allow for a large number of participants to be on the same call. Even large calls can conduct a Q&A session seamlessly.

Other benefits include the ability to record the call, a list of call participants, and a follow-up questionnaire being sent to all participants.   Autumn Land provides hosted telecommunication services, eliminating the need for expensive on-site equipment and technical support. Hosted applications help to reduce cost, provides a simpler product to use, and assists organizations in keeping up to date with current technology.

The Michigan based company provides audio, video, and Web conferencing, hosted auto dialing (Phone Tree), message on hold services (custom productions to inform and entertain clients while on hold, increasing call retention) and E911 Enable (will ensure that your organization is E911 compliant).


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