DETROIT (WWJ) – Running out of cash or time this holiday season? A local psychiatrist says “That’s okay.”

Dr. William Miles of Royal Oak’s Beaumont Hospital said many people worry too much about keeping up with their yearly traditions.

“People get hung up on traditions and this holiday has to be exactly like last year. No it doesn’t, that’s not a rule. Your holidays do not have to be exactly the same every year and in fact, sometimes establishing new traditions can be healthy because it kind of makes it your own,” said Miles.

With the tough economy, Miles said many people who are losing their homes or have lost their jobs are stressing out about buying gifts and all the trimmings of Christmas. He admits it is hard to cut back when you’ve always done things a certain way.

“I think a lot of it is that it’s what we are comfortable with, you know, the traditions resonate within us and they bring up pleasant memories from the past, so we try to invoke those pleasant memories again because we might not be feeling all that pleasant in the present. But, you know, if it makes it more difficult, then don’t do it,” said Miles.

Miles said it’s okay to tell your friends and family you just can’t do it this year, whether it’s the lavish gifts or time-consuming preparations.

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  1. Harold, the Hark says:

    Santa Claus (like Mike Illitch or the Ford family) should donate some equity and employment to the city of Detroit.

    Now wouldn’t that be a practical gift that keeps on giving? We could call it “Miracle on Woodward Avenue”

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