DETROIT (WWJ) Technology touches us all every day in ways we probably don’t even realize.

But what were the biggest tech industry stories in 2012 in Michigan? Keep reading. Here’s a month-by-month round-up from Matt Roush, WWJ technology editor.

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Automation Alley, other agencies, address Michigan’s IT worker shortage

FEBRUARYAutomation Alley gets a $5 million grant for advanced IT worker training.   The final program, called the Technical Talent Development Program, was rolled out in August at HP’s huge South Boulevard complex in Pontiac, a former GM and EDS office building where 2,000 HPers now work.

Amway heir concentrates on venture capital, startup formation

APRIL — Rick DeVos, grandson of Amway’s founder, launches a new start-up funding effort in Grand Rapids. Start Garden is giving out $5 million in a formula that includes a popular vote.  

Teaching veteran computer programmers new tricks

MAY — State and local officials start Shifting Code, an offshoot of the Shifting Gears manufacturing worker retraining program. Shifting Code aims to train computer programmers new computer languages that are more in demand than the languages the currently work in.

Michigan pharmaceutical firm may have the key to fixing broken nervous systems

MAY — Kalamazoo pharma start-up Axonia gets $2 million to continue its research into repairing damaged nervous system tissue.

Venture capital in Michigan on the grow

MAY — The Michigan Venture Capital Association says venture capital under management in Michigan is up 64 percent from five years ago, signaling better days for good business ideas in Michigan seeking funding.

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If you like these professors’ research ideas, you can help finance them

OCTOBERMichigan Technological University creates a crowd-funding website called Superior Ideas to fund its professors’ research proposals.

Alma College students may have found cure for some forms of flu

NOVEMBER — Alma College undergraduates develop a molecule that inhibits some strains of the human flu virus.

Consumers harnesses West Michigan’s winds to power thousands fo homes

NOVEMBER — Consumers Energy opens $250 million Lake Winds wind power park in West Michigan’s Mason County.

Ford C-Max sets record pace for hybrid sales

DECEMBERFord’s C-Max Hybrid is outselling competition and breaking sales records for new hybrid vehicles.

Stimulus-funded Merit broadband expansion begins carrying data

DECEMBER — Merit Network lights up more of its 2,300-mile super-high-speed fiber-optic network around Michigan.

Compuware headed for buyout, breakup?

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DECEMBER — A New York city hedge fund makes an $11-a-share bid to take the Detroit IT giant Compuware Corp. private.