What good has ever come from West Virginia? Pat White, Steve Slayton and Rich Rodriguez? Well none of them. I do have a person from West Virginia that every male should lay their eyes on and her name is Bethany Athens. The 19-year-old isn’t your typical pretty face. She enjoys mudding. That’s right mudding, this is something she say’s happens “all the time.” If you aren’t familiar with mudding, click HERE. One of my everyday blogs that I look at is Barstoolsports.com and that is how I came across Bethany. Bethany was a ring girl at the “rough and rowdy” in West Virginia. The “rough and rowdy” is boxing/mma.

There is also a new show on MTV called “Buck Wild” and I asked Bethany about the show and it seems to be exactly what happens in WV. Bethany is going to pharmacy school and say’s “she isn’t going to give it up.”

Check out Bethany on Twitter @bethanygathens

You can also follow Bethany on Instagram


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