SOUTHFIELD — For starters, thanks to everyone who commented on the redesign. The comments were overwhelmingly positive, which I appreciate.

So what else is new and cool? Well, as you might expect, there’s only one tech story this week: CES. Check out these dandies:

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* Here’s the latest news on the Consumer Electronics Show from

*And here’s the latest news and headlines from CES 2013 from Yahoo News.

* Also from CES, Ford invites competitors to use its app integration tech to spread the use of Sync AppLink.

* Ford also introduces nine new apps for the car at CES.

* And a local tech company makes Cnet, namely Commerce Township-based House of Marley.

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* And here are some photos from my favorite CES event when I’m lucky enough to go, CES Unveiled, a look at all the hottest new tech.

* And it’s affected everything else — why shouldn’t social media affect how we experience TV?

* And a look at the next big thing in TVs, ultrahigh definition, with four times the detail of today’s HDTVs.

* How about starting out 2013 by decluttering  your cell phone?

* In space, based on this, I’m already qualified for a Mars mission.

* And speaking of local news, here’s a very serious and sobering look at high-tech manufacturing for export in a modern era of regulation and global trade, concentrating on Fraser-based K&F Electronics. Good stuff.

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* Finally, stocks fell on Wall Street ahead of the start of earnings season.