Aisin’s Director of Customer Sales Richard Gorski updates WWJ on the latest in the world of electric and hybrid vehicles and describes the Drive Green Experience at the North American International Auto Show.

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An unusual fact of these vehicles is that some of them are nearly silent. Pending legislation could require the cars to make a noise between 0 and 29 mph (a typical speed used in around town and in neighborhoods).

We’ve got a car downstairs on our floor right now that clucks like a chicken, meows like a cat and it sounds like a space shuttle …” said Gorski.

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The ride-along track in the expansive basement of Cobo offers show guests an opportunity to experience a variety of electric, hybrid and super-low emission vehicles.

The track has a Japanese garden theme complete with a fountain, rock gardens and manecured landscaping.

During the public days of the show, guests can visit the Aisin Drive Green Experience to get the feeling of riding in one of these eco-friendly rides including cars, scooters and even a full-sized pickup truck.

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