CALEDONIA — Seasonal influenza activity remains at “elevated” levels for much of the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a report on Jan.18.

Though the CDC and other agencies have outlined strategies to stop the transmission of the influenza virus and other infectious agents, the team of healthcare, product, and infection control experts at Caledonia-based MarketLab Inc. recognized an opportunity to supplement those strategies.

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As a result, the national distributor of products for clinical and health care professionals announced a new product guide for infection prevention. ‘SCOPE,’ an acronym that represents the basic components of effective infection control — Shield, Clean, Organize, Prevent, and Eliminate.

“We’ve been watching the influenza outbreak closely and listening to the concerns of our customers,” said Steve Bosio, President, MarketLab. “It is imperative to minimize the intensity of this flu season while continue the ongoing, long-term effort to reduce hospital-acquired infections within health care facilities. While our new Infection Control Solutions guide supports hospitals in accomplishing these goals, we also realize how the lasting impact of comprehensive infection prevention could benefit other industries as well.”

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The 100-page catalog of recommended solutions proves effective within other industries outside of the healthcare arena, such as food services, education, and transportation.

“The fact that viruses, bacteria, and germs are everywhere remains a constant threat – especially to highly populated areas,” said Tom Carter, infection control manager at MarketLab. “Pick an industry that employs or services a substantially large number of people. There will always be the potential for fast and widespread transmission of infection. Our solutions are valuable against transmission not only in healthcare, but quite frankly – everywhere.”

Organizations interested in learning more about infection control should request a copy of the product guide by calling (800) 237-3604 or by visiting

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