Here’s another day’s worth of my favorite finds from the amazing world of high technology. Just look at these!

* The president of my alma mater, Albion College, has written a really interesting Huffington Post education blog post on how to educate tomorrow’s innovators.

* It’s not just Microsoft vs. Google. The UK consulting firm Ovum says the Internet economy itself is in danger of crumbling because people are so tired of their personal data being collected across the Internet. Says Ovum: “This hardening of consumer attitudes, coupled with tightening regulation, could diminish personal data supply lines and have a considerable impact on targeted advertising, CRM, big data analytics, and other digital industries.”

* The Pentagon expands its Cyber Command amid daily attacks.

* And the Federal Reserve gets hacked, too.

* The world’s first complete ‘bionic man’ is unveiled in the United Kingdom.

* A new study indicates some 60 percent of the galaxy’s most ubiquitous stars likely host planets smaller than Neptune and about 6 percent host Earth-size worlds orbiting in the so-called “Goldilocks” zone where liquid water — and life as we know it — are possible, astronomers announced Wednesday.

* Somewhat less commonplace is the wolverine. Loss of habitat due to climate change may soon lead to the ferocious little critter being named endangered.

* What this is doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the raging laughable hypocrisy involved. Suuuuuuure, it’s not prostitution.

* The Galaxy S IV is reportedly set for a March 15 debut. Meanwhile, the BlackBerry Q10 may not arrive in the United States for months yet.

* ITunes hits 25 billion songs sold.

* Yahoo is hiring Google. As part of a nonexclusive arrangement announced Wednesday, Yahoo’s Web site will begin drawing upon Google’s massive online advertising network to show marketing messages related to the content that’s being perused.

* Designed Yoda he did. Dead he now is. In peace may he rest.

* A Chinese blogger has become an overnight celebrity for exposing corruption.

* A Virginia city becomes the first in the United States to pass an anti-drone law.

* Also in aviation, check out these high-tech blimps designed to bolster the air defenses of Washington, D.C.

* And an open source Death Star project is launched on Kickstarter.

* Apple and Samsung are leading the charge in PCs, which include tablets, according to market researcher Canalys.


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