Children’s Hospital Of Michigan Specialty Center Detroit Honored For Green Design: DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan announced that its Children’s Hospital of Michigan Specialty Center – Detroit has been awarded LEED-NC v2009 certification. Established by the U.S. Green Building Council and verified by the Green Building Certification Institute, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is the USGBC’s leading rating system for designing and constructing the world’s greenest, most energy-efficient, and highest performing buildings. To comply with LEED standards and earn healthcare-specific credits, the environment weighed heavily in the equation for architects, engineers and contractors alike in the achievement of green design goals for Children’s Hospital of Michigan Specialty Center – Detroit in five areas: sustainable sites; water efficiency; energy and atmosphere; and indoor environmental quality. Designed by Shepley Bulfinch and constructed by the joint ventures teams of L.S. Brinker/Barton Malow, some of the green technologies incorporated outside the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Specialty Center – Detroit include drought resistant landscape plants and grass areas that include rare Michigan hardy plants that won’t require additional water or irrigation after two years. Pervious concrete, used in the parking lots, reduces the volume of storm water run-off entering the city’s sewer system by filtering the water directly through the pavement. Inside, the building has energy-efficient appliances, such as a high performance water heater that provides 98 percent thermal efficiency and a high performance boiler system that provides efficiencies of up to 99 percent. Daylight and motion sensors reduce power consumption for lighting and energy-saving windows reflect heat in the summer and retain warmth in the winter, saving on heating and cooling costs. Additional partners in the development the DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan Specialty Center – Detroit included Integrated Design Solutions (mechanical and electrical engineers), Giffel – Webster Engineers (civil and site engineers), and Ehlert/Bryan (structural engineers).

Relume LED Products Recognized by Prestigious Outdoor Lighting Competition: Products from Oxford-based Relume Technologies, a leading manufacturer of light-emitting diode products and smart grid control systems for outdoor lighting applications, has announced that two of its outdoor LED products — the Oxford fixture and ParkVue fixture, — were recognized by the Next Generation Luminaires Solid State Lighting Design Competition. The company’s Oxford lighting fixture was also named one of the competition’s four Best in Class. The 2012 NGL Solid State Lighting Design Competition received 176 outdoor product submissions. Of those products, 37 were chosen as “recognized” winners, meaning that they were considered worthy of specification. From the 37 recognized products, four — like Relume’s Oxford fixture — stood out significantly above the other products in their category and were given the additional designation of Best in Class. The judges evaluated white light, general illumination products available for specification in the commercial market. Product suitability, quality and energy efficiency were important characteristics considered by the judges. The Oxford is a decorative fixture for acorn luminaires and is ideal for lighting main streets, municipalities and parking lots. According to the competition, judges were impressed with the glare control, aesthetic and adjustable features of the Oxford fixture. ParkVue is Relume’s low bay LED fixture for parking structures, canopies, tunnels and downlight applications. According to the competition, judges were impressed with the glare control, light output and distribution of the ParkVue fixture. The NGL Solid State Lighting Design Competition is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Illuminating Engineering Society, and the International Association of Lighting Designers. More about Relume at