AUBURN HILLS — The Michigan office of a Pennsylvania-based IT staffing firm is looking for Michigan companies to participate in a trade trip to China to try to sell more U.S. goods and services there.

“The U.S. is No. 1 and China is No. 2 in terms of economic size, and these two countries are so interconnected,” said Eric Qiu, program manager with the Judge Group, a West Conshohocken, Pa.-based technical staffing firm. “But we have a problem in the imbalance in trade. We definitely need to encourage exchange of business between the two countries. We are trying to encourage exporting of U.S. goods to China, and export not just goods but services and technology.”

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Judge Group’s Auburn Hills office has 14 staff, where it places about 250 IT staffers in automotive, marketing, services, healthcare and education. Included are staffers with expertise in Microsoft .Net, Java, Oracle, SAP and People Soft.

Judge Group, established in 1970, started providing IT staffing in China in 2008.

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Judge Group is offering fully paid trade trips to Shanghai, China in April, June and October. Participants will have the opportunity to build relationships with potential Chinese customers and to participate in Chinese growth via partnership or investment. Judge also plans to bring Chinese companies to the U.S. to show them opportunities here.

“I emphasize this is two-way traffic,” Qiu said. “You’re going to see more and more Chinese companies investing in the U.S.”

Judge Group says it will cover all costs of the trip, including air fare up to $3,000, three nights in a four-star or better hotel, meals, and intracity transportation. Appropriate appointments will be lined up in advance for all participants.

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For more information, contact Eric Qiu at or (703) 839-8526.