DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit City Council members have requested a hearing to challenge the Governor’s determination that the city is without a plan to fix its multi-million dollar budget deficit.

Detroit City Council passed a resolution 7-to-1 to appeal the governor’s determination that the city has no plan to deal with its financial crisis.

Council president Charles Pugh says, “We’re not appealing the fact that we have a financial emergency. We know that we do. We’re not naive and we’re not out of our minds. But what we are saying is that an emergency manager is not the way to fix it.”

Council member Gary Brown voted ‘no,’ and Kwame Kenyatta was absent.

Most members will be in Lansing for the official appeal hearing on Tuesday. Corporation counsel will give the presentation.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says any appeal to the state is too late.

“Although I continue to be opposed to the appointment of an emergency financial manager, I must be realistic and accepting the fact that the governor, more than likely, will appoint an EFM,” says Bing.

Mayor Bing adds, “We can’t continue to push back and fight on every issue. It’s a fight that we can’t win. If I’m going to get in a fight, I want to be reasonably sure that I got a chance to win the fight. This one I don’t think we can win.”

Bing says businesses are making commitments to the city and he doesn’t want anything happening to derail that momentum.

MORE: Mayor Bing Expects Emergency Financial Manager

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