Nuspire Networks Positioned in Magic Quadrant for MSSPs, North America: Commerce Township-based Nuspire Networks, a provider of managed security services, has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the Magic Quadrant for MSSPs, North America, for the third year in a row. One growth driver for enterprise demand for MSS is small and midsize businesses using external service providers for security. Nuspire has had tremendous success in delivering solutions to enterprise clients with a multitude of locations, such as corporations with branch offices or retail locations. Gartner’s analysis of the SMB market has helped Nuspire take that proven model and apply it in creating a unique channel strategy to reach SMB customers. Nuspire created a turnkey product for VARs that allows them to deliver best-in-class MSSP services without any upfront investment and an immediate ROI. The Gartner report also lists “evolving compliance reporting requirements” as one of five key growth factors in MSSs in North America. Nuspire has recognized that merchants working with PCI regulations are playing a challenging game of leap frog. A good example of Nuspire staying ahead of the curve is the development of its Rogue Access Point Scanning technologies. A current requirement of PCI compliance is the need to perform regular Rogue Wireless scans. Most merchants would perform this task with a rudimentary walk around the store looking for wireless devices. This approach may satisfy the requirement but it doesn’t address the issue from a constant security posture. In response to the growing threat of rogue access points, Nuspire developed the NuSecure Rogue Wireless Detection Services (WDS). The NuSecure WDS was designed to help customers scan for rogue wireless on a continual real-time basis. The real leap here though is this solution is delivered ‘As a Service’, bringing not only the technology to bear but also the skilled engineers to respond. The WDS device sends data to the Nuspire Security Operations Center for analysis; where security analysts determine if the wireless devices are part of the known network and then work with on-site resources to take appropriate action. This is just one example of how Nuspire is continuing to maintain a state-of-the-science posture with its security products. More at