EAST LANSING — The rapidly growing health information exchange sector holds the dual promise of improving the overall health of our residents while also providing efficient tools that help providers make better decisions with more timely information at the point of care.

Fully realized electronic exchange of health information is projected to transform the United States health care industry, making it more effective, more secure, and less expensive.

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In the last year Michigan has advanced significantly in the national drive to implement operational, secure, electronic HIE through the efforts of a growing network of public and private organizations working closely together to overcome data sharing barriers, reduce costs, and ultimately improve the health of our state’s population.

The Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services invites attendees to join thought leaders from statewide efforts at Connecting Michigan for Health 2013, a conference dedicated to advancing health information exchange in Michigan, with other states, and with federal agencies. Connecting Michigan 2013 will be held June 5-7 at the Radisson Hotel in Lansing.

“This conference provides a unique opportunity to listen, learn and engage with key healthcare technology thought leaders as we continue to work together to build Michigan’s network of networks,” said Tim Pletcher, MiHIN’s Executive Director. “We’re steadily approaching our common goal of a connected statewide and national infrastructure that allows healthcare providers and physicians to securely share electronic health records across various systems and organizations.”

More than 200 expected attendees made up of health information technology leaders and decision-makers in Michigan will spend two days reviewing topics planned to include: how health information technology is advancing and improving quality of care, the future of HIT, understanding Michigan’s health information exchange landscape, HIT and HIE around the country, cyber security, and more.

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The third day will feature a technical deep-dive tailored to the specific infrastructure behind securely sharing health information.

“Continuous and substantial progress is being made in Michigan to achieve the goal of secure, electronic exchange of health information,” said MiHIN Associate Director, Jeff Livesay. “Connecting Michigan for Health 2013 will provide a comprehensive overview of successes, significant efforts underway, and the overall emerging healthcare information technology/exchange landscape and how HIT and HIE advances can lead to better treatment choices ultimately improving the health of our residents.”

To register for Connecting Michigan for Health 2013, please visit: https://mphi-web.ungerboeck.com/wri/wri_p1_display.aspx?oc=10&cc=MIHIN.

Super early bird discounts are available until April 16.

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For information on sponsorship opportunities for the event, please contact connectingmi@mihin.org.