PONTIAC (WWJ) – Teachers and other staff in the Pontiac School District are met Friday night to address the fact that they’ve been told they may not get paychecks next week.

Teacher’s aide Fred McFadden tells WWJ’s Jon Hewett he is not pleased:

“It is unfair for us to sit here and take no pay . Is it our fault that you continue to hire people to steal from you? We have hired superintendents, and I , I hope they’re watching me, & walked into this district and stole and they have not been fully charged yet, but guess who’s paying the price ..the staff as well as our students,” said McFadden.

“We come to work every single day… every single day. Everybody is dedicated to the students of this district,” said McFadden. “Now,it’s time for the board to be dedicated to the staff who works with these students.”

Pontiac Education Association president Aimee McKeeber says they’re trying to straighten it out.

“We have to turn in an interim report to the state superintendent, which is what this meeting needs to be held because the report is done. The board needs to approve it to send it to the state so that … they can look at it and approve our debt plan to then send our money to us.”

The district has been getting cash advances to meet payroll and other obligations, but State Schools Superintendent Mike Flanagan sent the district a report that shows efforts to reduce its budget deficit of more than $37 million hasn’t met with much success.

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