ANN ARBOR — Meadowlark Energy will install Ann Arbor’s first Parjana energy-passive groundwater recharge pump on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 11 and 12. at 2612 Sequoia Parkway.

This revolutionary new technology channels underground water away from houses, roads and municipal storm and sewer systems, recharging aquifers with nuisance water and keeping polluted storm water from entering rivers and streams.        
Invented and patented in Detroit by Andrew Niemczyk, this technology will revolutionize water management worldwide. Instead of fighting Mother Nature, this technology works with natural processes and speeds them up, allowing shallow subsurface water to safely recharge aquifers instead of creating problems for roads, buildings, farms and recreational spaces. Parjana also channels water up during dry seasons, helping soil stay moist without the need for irrigation.

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Here is just a small sample of the problems this technology can permanently solve:
* Wet and damp basements – removes water and conditions that create mold growth in basements, improving foundation durability and improving indoor air quality
* Degrading foundation walls – eliminates wet and dry cycles that create hydrostatic pressure and water intrusion on foundation walls
* Flowing water near foundations – houses that require sump pumps can eliminate the flowing water that makes the sump pumps necessary in the first place
* Seasonally wet yards and fields – water can be diverted in the spring and fall
* Tree maintenance – Have you seen those green water bags around the base of trees around town? Not necessary with Parjana – this technology keeps the soil moist. 
* Road degradation – many roads deteriorate faster than normal due to subsurface water flow. These roads can be de-watered, greatly increasing their life span.
* Retention Ponds – Parjana helps storm water dissipate faster, thereby reducing the need for retention ponds and other bulk water management systems
* Pressure on municipal storm and sewer systems – by keeping water on-site, Parjana can reduce pressure on storm water systems and disconnect drains from the sewer system at a fraction of the cost.

“Meadowlark Energy sees so many homes in Washtenaw County that have wet basements with mold and mildew issues,” said Meadowlark Energy co-founder Doug Selby. “Traditional basement waterproofing systems using sump pumps and drain tiles are more of a band-aid approach — an approach that does not resolve the source of the problem and can result in foundation degradation and failure over the long-term. The Parjana system removes the moisture source that causes wear and tear on your foundation and also can lead to microbial growth.”

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Selby added that “this simple solution is a permanent and ecologically friendly way to work with problem groundwater. With 20 percent of the world’s fresh water located in the great lakes aquifer, it is fitting that a technology that will have such a profound impact on the world’s fresh water supply would be invented here in Southeast Michigan.”

According to Washtenaw County maps, the home at 2612 Sequoia Parkway was built on a historical wetland and the yard is swampy in the spring and fall. The basement is also overly humid most of the year.  Due to this excess water, this home has an original drain tile that drains water into the city sewer system, a condition that overwhelms city sewers in storm conditions.

Meadowlark Energy provides full energy analysis, energy retrofit services, and building repair work for existing buildings. Meadowlark Energy has been designated as an Advanced Contractor for the Michigan Saves Home Mortgage Program and is one of three contractors in Southeast Michigan that are Building Performance Institute Accredited Contractors.

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